Process Overview

WE ARE SO EXCITED YOU WANT TO use our space for your next photoshoot!


Tell us a little about yourself and your photography project. 

Complete the form below to put in a request. Before you complete the form, make sure you have read and understood the pricing and terms and conditions at the bottom of this page. This form must be completed for every session.

We may follow up with any questions about your shoot. 

The more information you provide upfront, the faster we can decide, and the less back and forth will be required.

We will approve or deny your request and notify you of that decision. 

We may deny a photoshoot request for any reason, but for the most part, every session will be approved unless deemed inappropriate or unsafe.



The studio is available at an hourly rate or daily rate. Payments are nonrefundable and are due at the time of booking.


2 Hour Rental: $75

Half-Day (4 Hours): $145

Full-Day (8 Hours): $275

Additional Hours: $45/Hour


The studio is available for rent Monday - Sunday from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM.


If you want to reserve a block of time for mini sessions that are shot back to back, please submit a request and note that it is a Session in the title of the shoot. Please contact us by replying to your permit request approval email and let us know the final times you need the space so we may release the areas for times when you are not shooting. Just a reminder that any minors must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian.

Liability waiver

All photography, videography, and all other events held at Wanderlust Photography LLC are at your own risk. 

The Liability Waiver is due at the beginning of the session before you enter the studio and is to be placed in the dropbox outside of the door at the bottom of the stairs. The Renter, photographer, videographer, assistants, morals supports, additional guests, and their clients assume all responsibility for injury and damages that may occur in the studio, as outlined in the required liability waiver.

You must complete the Liability Waiver prior to starting your shoot.

Ready to book the studio?

please fill out the form below and tell us about you and your upcoming photography project to start the booking process.

Tell us a little about your project. What type of session are you planning?

Please include the number of photographers, videographers, assistants, clients, moral supporters, etc.

This form is designed to be submitted by the photographer. If you are not the photographer, please have your photographer complete this form. By checking this box, you verify you are the photographer.

Terms & Conditions

Please take a moment to review and agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Treat the space with love and respect. It's an old building so please treat it as so.
  2. We do require that every person (clients, photographers, videographers, talent, assistants, moral supporters, etc.) involved in the photoshoot to sign a liability waiver upon entry. Failure to do so can result in a permanent ban.
  3. The booking fee is due at the time of booking and is nonrefundable as it acts as a retainer to hold your space in the studio. The booking fee is however transferable to a different time and date in the studio if rescheduled 48 hours prior to your session, unless in case of an emergency.
  4. You may cancel or reschedule your date free of charge up until 48 hours prior to your booking time. Any cancelations or rescheduling of your time may result in a $25 cancellation/rescheduling fee, unless in a case of emergency.
  5. All props and furniture must be returned to their original placement upon entering. Food and nonalcoholic drinks are permitted but please clean up after yourself. If the space is left dirty, this will result in a cleaning fee of $25. Please leave the space the way you entered it.
  6. Any damages to the studio space, property, or props will result in a replacement value charge.
  7. YOU (the renting photographer/videographer) assume all legal responsibility for yourself, equipment, anyone you bring into the space, and your clients.
  8. Please be fully aware that security cameras are in use, recording, and accessible to Wanderlust Photography LLC within the studio space. Rest assured there is a private dressing space away from the cameras for your clients.
  9. The following are not permitted inside the studio space: pets, smoking, drugs of any kind, alcohol, fire, anything flammable, or firearms.
  10. Minors (anyone under 18), must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian.
  11. Please be packed and cleared out of the studio by the time my booking ends.
  12. Please understand that the studio space is not soundproof.
  13. Do not hang any props on the walls or ceiling or permanently alter the space.
  14. Boudoir photography is permitted but absolutely no pornography is allowed in this space.
  15. We love pets however, due to restrictions out of our control, pets are not allowed inside of the studio or stairwell.
  16. These terms and conditions in this form serve as a binding contract between you (the renting photographer/videographer) and Wanderlust Photography LLC.

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